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They Never Did Find His Arms...

The Hook: In Corpolis, the undead walk and talk! They're mobsters, hitmen and detectives. They can fall in love and do almost anything that the living can do. Without that whole pesky 'dying' thing.

The Story: This is the story of Johnny Caronte… a story of mobsters, hitmen, and femme fatales. However, the characters in this dark tale have a peculiar trait - they are all zombies! It's like a Bogart flick meets Night of the Living Dead! Johnny Caronte, zombie police dectective, investigates the mysterious assassination of the mayor's daughter. The more he uncovers in the case, the more he finds himself enshrouded in deeper mystery.

The Awesome: The writing is solid. And funny. The art is absolutely beautiful. A little Jhonen Vasquez, maybe. More fluid than his style though.

The Problem: I found the story a bit short. Of course, who wouldn't? Walking, talking zombies that do more than lust for human brains? Talk about a winner. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that it's a one-shot, and though it's packed with another killer story by the same writer and artist, there are no zombies. Just demons and the like.

Where To Score A Copy. Of course, you can always check your local comic shop too.
Tags: jaime roman collado, johnny caronte: zombie detective, tony sandoval, zombie comic
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