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10 Things to do when you are dead

10. "The Classic Nikki Sixx Answering Machine Message" - Hello, you've reached ___________, I can't come to the phone right now because I'm dead.

9. Default on all your debts and if possible - have your extended family pick up the tab.

8. Publish all your sordid "too hot for livejournal" content.

7. Have the mortician give you a "David Bowiesque Glam Rock" look. - Won't Grandma love the lipstick?

6. Have your friends take you out for a night on the town - or a "Weekend at Bernie's."

5. Install PA rocks around your grave - leave a loop recording of yourself going "stop fucking on my grave - don't you know what happens to people that have sex in horror movies?!?"

4. Leave all your money to your friends so they can throw one last party in your honor - hire Aerosmith to play because you know they will all still be alive.

3. Get a taxidermist to "stuff" you - that way, you can be kept around the house as a conversation piece, scare those bratty neighborhood kids, and/or human doorstop.

2. Three Words - "No New Taxes!"

1. Eat babies!
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